Fresh, Modern, Catchy, Engaging, Challenging and Current are the words used when we ask about BOUCNE DANCEFIT.

Bounce DanceFit is a revolutionary new dance fitness workout, designed to keep you fit while you enjoy different styles of street dance. This class is unique and it looks at different aspect of street dance, including hip-hop, waacking, vogueing, twerking, house and more.

London based, Franco Conquista, an international dancer and leading fitness teacher created Bounce DanceFit,  to share his passion of Dance & Fitness through an easy to follow program which is Fresh & Modern. 


Bounce DanceFit is currently being held in various Fitness Centres and Studios within Sydney including:

Crunch Fitness
Fernwood Finess
Fitness Playground
Fuego Studios
Squad Dance Studios








To check out more information, class timetables and how to join in on the fun head to: Bounce DanceFit classes

Bringing BOUNCE to the CLASSROOM!

(Yes, Bounce for Kids does exist)


The Bounce DanceFit Junior Programme has been designed for two age groups 5-10 years and 11-16 years, with the emphasis on fun, creativity and diversity.

“The programme strongly believes in providing a safe environment in which children can dance, express themselves, develop and learn and importantly release their inner Bouncer”

Bounce DanceFit Junior involves moves from across many genres of dance from commercial tunes to Hip Hop and House beats.

The Junior Programme has been specifically designed to meet the needs of children and delivered in both educational settings and within the community.

Bounce DanceFit is an established programme that is rapidly growing in popularity and recognition in the fitness industry and we are excited to be sharing the Bounce journey with you and progressing into the teaching of children.


Bounce DanceFit Junior is currently being run in The Hills Shire.
To register your interest for Junior clasess head to
Bounce DanceFit Junior



-Maintain a healthy body weight and lifestyle

–  Boost memory function.

– Improve Flexibility, Strength & Muscle Tone.

–  Increase your energy.

–  Improve co-ordination & rhythm.

–  Reduce stress levels.

–  Social environment- Great way to meet people.

–  Improve confidence & self-esteem.