“A unique Hip-Hop program that combines Dance & Fitness” – Clancy McWaters


Bounce DanceFit it is a revolutionary new dance fitness workout, where you will sweat and have fun to the latest hip hop and pop music.

The international dancer and leading fitness teacher Franco Conquista, based in London, England, created bounce DanceFit.


Local Entrepreneur Clancy McWaters has bought all the fun and hype of Bounce DanceFit all the way to Sydney and we’re absolutely loving it!

It’s  a fantastic high-energy fitness dance workout that incorporates the latest Hip-Hop & commercial hits along with different styles of dance, Hip-Hop, House, Waacking and Vogue. It’s the perfect combination of fitness and dance that creates a fun workout environment that will leave you wanting more. This new addictive class was created so that it is easy enough for adults and children of all ages.- Clancy

Clancy runs a show-stopping amount of varieties through her SQUAD Dance Studio based in Sydney’s North West.

  • Adult Contemporary & Hip Hop
  • Adult Bounce DanceFit
  • Stretch and Flex
  • Kids Hip Hop Program
  • Kids Jazz Funk Classes
  • Bounce Jnr for Kids


Squad Dance Studios is an exciting new studio for Kids & Adults of all dance levels!

To check out more information, class time tables and how to join in on the fun download the full brochure here.